You have the pdf-scripts that needs to make something, but the novice users will be need help to run these files! Some users may have knowledge of other executable files, others not. Many users don't know how to use existing scripting engines on Win32/Win64 system, but they know about EXE-files.

Of course, setup.exe actually looks better than the setup.pdf

How do it?

The First Way The Second Way
  1. Download pdflauncher.zip and unpack it or get pdflauncher.exe directly (one is software that comes with permission for anyone to use, copy, and/or distribute without modifications).
  2. Rename pdflauncher.exe to your_script_basename.exe and place in the same folder.
  3. Launch your_script_basename.exe
  1. Get MASM32.
  2. Buy the source codes:
  3. Compile.
  4. Use it as Way 1.2